Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

I see you over there, finally sitting down after another exhausting day of playing taxi driver, boo-boo kisser, dish washer, laundry folder, homework helper, hurt feelings fixer, sibling tiff mediator, deadline completer by the skin of your teeth. I know the endless lists and reminders running through your head, the fears and doubts in your heart, the concern and giggle as you hear your own mother's words coming from your mouth.

It's hard, I know. The juggling and the second-guessing. The daily grind is wearing. I know there are days you can barely remember if you fed everyone enough meals let alone if you showered that morning. But the most magical thing of motherhood is your child's ability to see the good, to feel the great and to remember the best. While you are always the one running around behind the scenes feeling frazzled, they only know that they are loved and cuddled and happy. 

It's so very important that while these times don't always seem magical, we document them for what they are. That we freeze time on how your eyes automatically close when you breathe in the sweet smell of their slightly sweaty heads. The pure joy that lights up your face as they come bounding toward you. How they rest briefly and fit perfectly on your shoulder. The eskimo kisses, the neck nuzzles and the belly tickles. It's important for you to have these times to be able to help you through the bad days but also for them. So your daughter can some day see the beauty in her own chaos. So your son can feel the comfort of your embrace just by looking at a photo. 

These sessions are for you. To document what it means to you to be their mother. To capture what it means to them to be loved by you. No frilly props, no uncomfortable posing. Just giggles and dancing and tickling and pure, raw love. You will not regret this. You need this to get through the hard days of now and to cherish the memories of yesterday. Because tomorrow will be here before you realize. 

Motherhood Moments Mini Sessions: 
- $325.00 plus tax
- May 6 & 7
- Personalized sessions will be about 45 minutes and include 6 full resolution images (for digital download)
- Email me now for availability as there are limited spots (