Sun Tea and Green Beans

There are small things that often remind us of our loved ones for various reasons. A certain smell or taste or sound that can carry us right back to a specific time in our lives. This morning as I was preparing a batch of sun tea I was right back to being a little kid on the back porch of the farm with my grandma. I remember asking her once why it took so long to make iced tea and trying to convince her there had to be a faster way. She assured me that there is a faster way but that this way tastes better. She was right. I sat a pitcher on the porch today and impatiently watched the caramel color slowly drifted down. I closed my eyes and could feel the breeze through my hair and sun on my face the same as when I was a child on the tree swing above the pasture. 

While we waited for our tea to brew, we would pick green beans in the garden. Just me and Grandma. And sometimes TJ, her dog. When our paper bags were full, we would head back up to the porch to snap them and ice down our tea. More often than not I would end up with most of the beans in my belly and very few of them in my bag. Grandma never complained though. She knew there would be enough still for supper. Then, while we waited for the time to start cooking, we'd play Rummikub or Solitaire against each other. We would laugh when one of us caught the other cheating but still try it again later. 

I'm sure my entire childhood wasn't quite as magical as my memory serves me, but that's the best part about children, they are able to find the magic in the simplest of things. You know I'd give pretty much anything to have one more afternoon with my grandma. To share a few more hours of cards and sun tea and laughs. I would also be very happy with some photos of the two of us enjoying those things. I don't have many of those. Nothing over-the-top and posed. Just us, sitting on the porch, snapping beans and giggling. A snapshot to show the smile that spread across her face while listening to me (all 4,389,023 words I always managed to squeeze into a single day). A frozen moment in time of her soft hands shuffling the card deck. The silly expression I made as I belly laughed so hard that I had to run to the bathroom. That's magic, my friends. That's sun tea and green beans kind of magic. 

It's really important for me to leave my mark on this world. To have a positive impact and to leave it better than I found it. Capturing moments and emotions and feelings seems to be something I'm able to do that with. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am without the positive impact my grandparents have left on me. I know I'm not alone in that feeling so I decided I wanted to offer special sessions for magical kids and the grandparents that mean so much to them. Photos that will bring back all of the love and caring feelings when they are looked at 10, 25, even 50 years from now. Sun tea and green beans kind of emotions. Swing pushing and card playing kind of memories. Potato peeling and piano playing kind of comfort. 

Each session will be about an hour long and will capture those magical, every-day moments. Because you cannot hang a flash drive on a wall, you will receive a beautifully custom framed 16x20" portrait of your choice from the session. You'll also be gifted 4x6" prints of the finished images in a keepsake wooden box with digital copies on a matching flash drive. These sessions would make the perfect gift for your parents now and your children in the future. Or, if you are a grandparent, book one for yourself now. The very definition of a grandparent is the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the little moments the most. No one needs to tell you how fast time slips by, you've already experienced that.

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On our tree swing with my older cousin's at the farm.