Don't Blink!

These sweet babes grow right before our eyes. We tuck them in at night and swear they've grown a foot when they get out of bed the next morning. Kid Shorts are here to help! A portrait day that allows you to get a clean, professional portrait of your munchkin growing without the cost of a full, private session. 

What are kid shorts?

Brief 5 minute sessions that document your child in a clean, simple image. Each session includes a complimentary digital download complete with full printing priveleges. 

Who are kid shorts for?

Kid Shorts are ideal from bump to jump. Whether we are watching your baby bump grow or capturing your high school senior as they are ready to fly from the nest, Kid Shorts fit everyone in between. 

How many children per kid short?

Every single child, even siblings and multiples, are required their own Kid Shorts appointment. 

Is there a limit to how many kid shorts we can attend per year?

Not at all! Come once a year or join us every month. The setup will remain the same each month so you can see your child's growth as often as they can come. 

HOW MANY PHOTOS are included?

You receive 1 image per Kid Shorts session. Book for that day and show up during your scheduled time slot. Sessions only take minutes so there will never be a long wait. 

when will we receive our kid shorts DIGITAL PHOTO?

You will receive your image via an online gallery within 8 days in high-resolution, ready for you to print and share online. Professional prints will also be available for purchase in the gallery for you and anyone you'd like to share the gallery with. 

What to bring?

You may bring one toy or lovey to show your child's growth and what is important to them at the time. 

How to book?

Click the 'Book Now' and fill out the required information. Time slots are 2pm-3pm | 3pm-4pm | 4pm-5pm | 5pm-6pm | 6pm-7pm. You can arrive anytime in that hour regardless of what time slot you choose on the booking, just choose one that is available.  Please pay close attention to the day and time you choose. Payment is due upon booking to guarantee your spot.  Show up anytime within the hour selected and give your child a few moments to become acclimated to the space. Wait times are very short as the sessions are quite speedy. Must book separate spots per child - no exceptions.